Thursday, August 24, 2017


So the other day, we went to the Bedok South Market because Max discovered that there is cheap and good thai food there.

But leh, Ace says he dun want to eat Thaifood when we reached and said he wanted to eat char kway tiao....

In the end, his dad went to queue for CKT for him.

The aunty also dunno how to do biz one.. she is our mother's age lor... (popo's age or maybe even older...) she actually asked Max, "Ah jek, ai hiam mai.." Max was so upset that he swear never to patronize her stall again EVER!

And then if the food is nice.. then ok lah.. but the food tasted TERRIBLE!

And then Ace was mumbling when eating... say this food served on plate with japanese words is an insult to japanese words.. (becos he is now into anime.. anything japanese to him is DA BEST..)

I looked at his plate and I laughed. Cos the words on the plate said OISHII-- which means delicious in japanese! hahaahhaahahahahhaahhaa....

Irony right?!

Anyway, next time we went back, Ace kuai kuai eat Thai food. Only thing is the thai food though cheap and good, their green curry cannot make it. so we reminded ourselves not to order green curry under all circumstances;)

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