Sunday, October 04, 2015

Pasar Malam

Max has a friend who is a part time DJ and he was invited to the Red Dot Museum to attend this night market event once. He said it is quite interesting and said I will like it... and then he promised to bring me there some day.

The other day, while we were thinking where to have dinner, Max suggested that we have dinner at O'Bean and then go to the night market afterwards.

I told Ace we going to a Night Market.. "What is night market?" Ace asked me.. so I told him.. it is like a Pasar Malam.

That got Ace really excited!

Alas, when we reached the place after dinner.. Ace went round and round and only saw lots of people selling paintings, books, home made bags, jewellery... etc...

And he was really disapointed...

We went to find Max's friend and the DJ was in this area which had lots of sinks.. Initially I was wondering what that was and then I found out in the end that is sort of like a museum for product design and those are all designs of award winning products...

When Daddy went to talk to his friends, me and Ace took the chance to explore all the sinks... THere was one with this movable flap and Ace says it looks like a BIG BOOK... And so these pictures..

We also saw this little tipee which is for children to play in.. while it looks small on the outside.. but when Ace looked in, he told me that it is actually quite big inside:)

Then we saw these really nice jewellery... is handmade one lor... and the workmanship is so fine. My favorite is this pair of hummingbird earrrings by this designer called Alex Monroe..

Apparently the designer lived in the suburbs and was inspired by nature..

But hor, this simple earring will set one back by a few hundred sing dollars lor... so see and appreciate is enough:) hahahaha..

And then the saleslady told us tat his most famous work is the BEE necklace... and it is really nice with very fine detailing...

See, can see all the legs and stuff at the other side..
While looking at the exhibits in the museum.. we came across this interesting product for people to learn coding and build their own computers...

So while there were interesting things to see, Ace was actually rather disappointed because when I told him pasar malam, he was thinking of our usual pasar malam and expecting to see cheap toys that he can buy.. hahahaha.. so disappointed to see all the atas things tat he CANNOT buy.....

But all in all an interesting experience... We actually met a friend there who said she spend until no money left the last time she came to the night market.. hahaha:) we are lucky tat we went home empty handed! hahahaha..

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