Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cousins Forever

Someone said this..

So I am glad the two cousins are besties now:)

Ace started bringing his Nerf Guns along whenever we go to Popo's house so that he can play guns and robbers with Cay... While Cay has his own Buzz Lightyear gun, it only has lights and no bullets... so he is always envious of Gor Gor's nerf guns.

Ace only allows him to use the Nerf Gun once in the blue moon as Cay will sometimes shoot the bullets out of the window.. hahaha :)

So leh, we told Cayden not to be envious.. we will buy him a nerf gun for his birthday :)

The other day, Cay was at Kiddypalace with his parents and he saw the Nerf guns shelf and kept asking his dad if he can buy him a gun cos "Gor gor has a gun and I don't have a gun.." And his mum reminded him that we are going to buy for him for his birthday.. hahahaaha:)

I hope his parents dun hate us after we do buy the gun.. hahhaha..

Anyway, the two brothers played with each other happily.. and Cay played so much till he did not want to zzzz... He finally KO 3 hours after his usual nap time and then when he finally woke, we were about to leave Popo's house...

So when we said goodbye to him.. he whined and said, "But I don't want you to go home..." Hahaha... So we made a date to have dinner together the next weekend....

On a side note. something really funny happened...

Cay wore a Man U shorts out and his mum asked him to tell Yee Zhang what shorts he is wearing.. and he says very happily... "Man U..."

So Yee Zhang ignored him... and then his mum asked him... "Do you know why Yee Zhang ignore you? Do you know which team Yee Zhang support?"

And Cay replied... "Powerful..."

Wahahahahahaha... I think Liverpool is just too difficult a word for him:)

PS: But they still like to quarrel.. they like to shout at each other and the latest quarrel they had was a shouting match that had the two boys, one who is ten this year and another coming three... shouting at each other, "You then is baby ah!" Hahahaha... I think both very baby lor.. wat a childish way to quarrel.. I told Ace that he has to speak nicely to his didi.. dun always scream and shout at didi.. cos if he did.. didi will learn and do the same and they will be stuck in a vicious cycle... and told didi he has to tell gor gor nicely what he wants.. cos gor gor so easily hurt lor.. but Cay says.. "But gor gor did xxxx.." hahahahah

Well, as long as they are still best friends:) They usually make up when they feel like playing with each other again. The other day they quarrel cos Cay dun want to share his toys with gor gor and kept screaming at gor gor cos gor gor took his toys... and when ace got upset, threw a tantrum, went into the room, we told Cay.. "see, gor gor angry, dun want to play with you liao.."

And the little guy said..'But I want to play with gor gor.. I just want to play myself a little bit and play together with gor gor later..  " hahahaa..

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