Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Pom Pom Guy

 Someone sent me this picture some time back and asked me to confirm if it is Max:) hahahaha

I told the someone does look a little like Max at first glance but Max not so slim lor:) hahahaha...

Max says though he will not be caught dead wearing this and doing this :)

Apparently, this is some award winning dancer who is in his performance gear for this dance titled CHeerleader Of Europe.

So the thing is.. I posted this on FB to see if anyone else thought he looked like Max and too may people thought it is Max lor! Hahahahaha....

  • Max's mum asked him why he dress like that and take photo and said even his dad says is him.
  • Cay ask his mum why Yee Zhang like tat ah?
  • Our friend's mother who knew Max since he was in secondary school when shown the photo said it must be Max
  • My other friend exclaimed that they dun look alike but the expression exactly like Max
  • Many others commented that they really thought it is Max!:) hahahahahaa...
And to add to the drama... my good son went to search his room for this and made me take the following photo with the caption- Look what i found!?


Max says it is all my fault everyone thinks he is cheerleader in tights.... But it made him realize 原来这是他在每个人心目中的形象 cos too many pax thought this is him!

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