Friday, October 16, 2015

Chinese Pop! 中文歌最屌!

When we are in Max's car and the radio is on, Ace never fails to amaze me as he sings all the newest pop songs...  I asked him how does he learn about all these songs that he sings and he says that his friends will tell him and he will look up the youtube video to learn and listen.

But I always hear Ace singing english pop songs and wondered why he never sings any chinese ones.  so I asked him if his friends ever tell him about any chinese songs and found out that NONE of his classmates listen to any chinese songs at all. Wah lau... we are chinese leh, how can they not listen to chinese songs?!

So I told my son what Jay Chou said... That "中文歌最屌"...  That Chinese Songs are the coolest!

Or at least this mummy thinks so... Cos they can express many more layers of feelings with fewer words due to the beauty of the Chinese language... I wanna intro my son to Chinese pop songs. My son likes Maroon 5, Bruno Mars type of music.. Anyone has any good suggestion which songs or singers I can start from?

A friend suggested Jay Chou's 听妈妈的话! hahahahaha

I looked through many songs after this and decided tat XIN YAO is maybe a good place to start.... Their lyrics are quite easy to understand and the tunes are usually cheery.. most importantly ,it is on tv now everynight... if I can entice him to watch on toggle and get him interested.. will be good:)

I wanted to buy a karaoke system and maybe let him learn chinese songs at home... and I researched on this thing I have been thinking about buying for a long, long time.. it is a mircrophone called MAGICSING and it comes with some sort of drive/tape tat contains few thousand song.

Alas, when I tried to look through the song list, I nearly fainted lor. those songs so old.. even I wun sing.. much less my son lor! hahahahaha..

Anyway, his dad says he will bring him to karaoke after exams!


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