Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Good Listening Ear

Brought Ace to his guitar lesson the other day and since there was nothing to do and nothing to buy, I decided to sit outside his classroom to wait for him and enjoy the free aircon.

I realized that he seems to be playing something that is not in his exam repertoire and wondered what they were doing.

When he finished his lessons, Mr P, his guitar teacher came out and spoke to me. And I am very glad to announce that finally I dun need to feel very paiseh when I see him cos previously, he always complained tat Ace needed more practice.. "Which will make things alot easier for us in class..." And I will feel soooooooooo paiseh for being a bad mother... hahaha..

Mr P says that he noted that Ace has been practising the things he asked him to and so he is improving by leaps and bounds. But I think not perfect yet lah.. still, he is doing well and improving well.

Mr P also said that Ace has a good listening ear.. he can hear a song and then try to guess which note it is and play it. But that is a good ally and also a bad enemy because it will make you lazy at learning sight reading and he needs help on that.. so that is why they are doing different songs to force Ace to sight read.

"I totally understand that as it is a problem I had too when I was a guitar student.." said Mr P.

But well, I think the variety of songs also made the lessons more interesting for Ace:) I told him though that after exams we have to come up with a way to practice his sight reading as that is part of the grade 1 guitar exam.

Jia you, Ace!

PS: At the next guitar lesson, Ace told me Mr P said he is doing well and will likely pass his grade 1 exam and be promoted to grade 2 next semester! Yay!:) I hope he really passes man!

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