Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Food Experiments This Month

 When I really dun have anything left in my house to cook but need to whip up a meal and feeling lazy to go buy food to cook, kimchi fried rice is my favorite!:) Hahahahaha.. Cos it is easy to make.

This time round, I made sunny side up for Ace and told him tastes best if he mixes the egg yolk with the rice.. he is finally willing to try that and says it is yummy.. it helps that I also air fried some chicken pop corn to go with  the rice lah:)

 Realized I had these mantou left in the freezer that I bought to air fry for Ace....

So I did air fried mantou with home made chilli crap sauce... Ace says is very good:)

Watched this Taiwanese drama and someone in the drama has a speciality dish in his Japanese restaurant and it is a Oh-so-delicious roasted onigiri!

I thought since it is so tasty.. I can try make lah.. and then I refered to a recipe.. looked through once and agar agar made according to my fancy:) hahahahaha... cos Ace likes sweet things more i used teriyaki sauce instead of soy sauce glaze... But Ace complain too sweet but Max says is just nice:)

Nevermind, I will try again and make some for MYSELF!:) hahahaha...

Mental note to self to buy more jap rice as we are running out..

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