Sunday, November 29, 2015

Para Games Carnival

The other day, Godma asked if we wanted to meet up for dinner and suggested Kallang Wave Mall..

When we arrived, we discovered that the Para Games Carnival has already started!

So leh, Ace said he wanted to go play.. we went to register and queued up to play some of the games while waiting for godma Karen and her famiy to arrive..

The carnival not bad.. alot of activities going on at all times:)

First thing we tried for this Archery thing.. YOu had to sit on a wheelchair to try shoot your arrow to knock out the ball.. it is not that easy...

Then they let you try one more time standing up so you can feel the difference I think..

Ace also tried this wheelchair race... and I thought he will be scared or that his arms will be weak.... apparently, all the swimming and tennis he did is good lor ;)

He actually raced down the ramp and went very fast!

I am very glad my little boy who has a coward mummy is growing up to be a brave young lad like his dad!:) hahahahaha

Then leh godma they all arrived mah.. so we went for dinner.. after tat we went NTUC to walk walk and realized that if we collate $150 worth of recipts can exchange for a Star Wars LIMITED EDITION MUG...

For our good friend, we had to force ourselves go Daiso buy $6 more worth of things so he can get this cup.. I told godma then this is his xmas present.. no more xmas present liao:) hahahahahaha

Actually this cup is nice but look closely can tell is cheapo made in china type of quality cup.. not really worth to spend $150 to exchange for it lor.. but wel, our fren happy good lah..

He also bought a cereal from NTUC cos they say they giving away Star Wars pencil topper... he was so glad he got a CP30.. hahahaha..

The carnival looks very small and I was telling Ace maybe we can forget about going again.. but how very wrong I was when we next visited and found out they had so many activities going on at the same time!:)

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