Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Max Goes To HK

Max used to travel overseas for work when we were in Dubai and to be honest, whenever he does that, it can get quite tough when we were in Dubai.

That is because whenever he is not around, I will need to rely on public transport in dubai to get anywhere and it doesnt really get me to much places... hahahahaa:)

It has been a while since we returned to sgp ad so far, Max has not travelled overseas for work at all and so when he suddenly told us that he will have to travel to HK, Ace was a little make taken aback at the news.

Night before Max was due to leave... Ace said he is sad that daddy is going overseas. I reminded him that his dad will only be gone for a few days and that we will see him again soon.

He asked if his dad can buy presents for him when he is overseas and I just asked Max to keep a lookout for bags for me as my bag strap broke and I needed a replacement...

The night before when we went out for dinner, Ace reminded his dad to remember to buy him a present and added that he should remember to buy me a dress or something...

"Why must buy me a dress?" I asked Ace.

"I don't want you to feel sad if daddy buys me a present and never get you anything and since you have everything, just buy you a nice dress to make you happy lah.." he said.

hahahahaha... Not bad lah.. at least he cares about my feelings.

While Max was overseas, Ace will keep wondering aloud if his dad is bz at work and so I reminded Max to call his son and talk to him a little when he is free.

As it was a bz work trip, Max barely had time to go shopping and so when he finally had time, he quickly bought our presents:)

 My two bags... :)

On the day before he was due to come home.. I told Max Ace wondered what his dad got for him as a present and Max sent me a photo... he bought him these two iron man figurines whose eyes can glow in the dark when there is a sound.I thought they were rather cool and think Ace will like them..

Next day as I walked Ace to school, I told him I already knew what his dad bought him... Ace said he wanted to know.. I asked him, "Don't you want it to be a surprise?"

"No mummy, I want to know NOW..."he said.

I asked him to make a guess and he asked for clues.

I told him it is something cool and something he will like.

"Did he buy me nerf guns?" Ace asked excitedly. "No lah, you already so many nerf guns..."

But after a few tries, he still did not guess correctly and so I told him it is two iron man figurines.

"huh..." Ace said disappointingly. "Wah, you dun like ah.. i thought is rather cool and you liked iron man?" I asked him...

"I thought is nerf gun.." Ace said a little disappointed.

"But it is cool what.. the eyes can glow when there is sound daddy say... if you dun want then daddy will keep it for himself..."

"No no, I want I want.."

And finally when he saw the two figurines when Max reached home, he fell in love with them instantly! hahahahaha :) Cos I must say they are really quite cool.. can change the hands and the eyes really light up when we clap or talk loudly!

Anyway, I really think managing our lives in singapore when Max is not around is way easier. Ace walks to school and I dun need to ferry him by taxi like in Dubai. There are so many places we can visit by bus or we can just go chill at Popo's house.. It's easy ;) And if I sian to cook, I just take bus to kopitiam to buy our meals:) hahaha...

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