Thursday, November 12, 2015


I think it is a boy's thing... Ace and his friends like to catch insects and bring them home..

The other day, he told me E caught a grasshopper for him and he brought the grasshopper home.

We sat there and observed the grasshopper hopping for a while and Ace said he is going to release the grasshopper after two days.

The next day, I thought maybe I should feed the poor grasshopper and so after sending Ace to school, I picked a blade of really thin grass that I think can fit through the small hole on the container to feed it.

After I pushed the blade of grass in, the grasshopper seemed unmoved..

But hor, end of the day when I checked, the leaf is gone and there is this pile of poop you see at the bottom of the container!

So next day I fed it grass again.

And then the next day, cos I did not go out, I cut thin strip of carrot and fed it..  and I found out that grasshoppers eat carrots too!:) hahahaha

But leh, too bad we got bz with our lives and Ace forgot to release it into the wild and maybe cos the grasshopper did not take too kindly to being confined, it RIPed...

Dear Grasshopper,

We am so sorry that you left us because we did not take good enough care for you. I hope you move into the light and find happiness and peace wherever you are.

The Chua Family

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