Monday, November 02, 2015

Happy Juicing!

 Finally started using my Hurom Juicer!

Juicing has never been so easy! It is easy to use and easy to wash as well...

Anyway, I decided to start a short detox to see if my rashes will clear.

Because Ace saw me juicing, he has been asking for juices as well.

After I made apple and strawberry juice for him, he said that it is SUPER TASTY and requested for juice everyday. End up I had to go supermarket to lug more fruits so I can juice for him as well.

Ace's favorite part of the juicing process is helping to throw the fruit in.. hahhahaha.. he is so amazed by how the machine works:)

Anyway, I got so tired of carrot green apple juice I decided to change pattern almost every other day by adding strawberries or cucumbers and even star fruit to make my juice taste different! All are good! And a by product of the detox is that i lost 5kg... woo hoo!:) I even feel lighter when I do my zumba.

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