Friday, December 25, 2015

Ace's New Doggie Friend, Sunshine

Rebecca Jie Jie invited us to her new house (ok, not that new.. she shifted in for long time but it first time we visiting) on Christmas Day and Ace was so happy that he got to meet her doggie, Sunshine :)

And hor, after all his very pleasant experiences with the myanmar puppy and the one we saw during our Malacca trip, he was looking forward to meeting this new friend :)

And the two hit off quite well :)

According to Rebecca jie jie, Sunshine is particular about who he plays with and usually only plays with people who genuinely care for animals.

Sunshine was happy to play with and Ace enjoyed himself so much he said he was thinking of buying a pet puppy....

But Rebecca jie jie reminded him that a puppy is a lifetime commitment and means you have to take care of their needs even when you are not feeling well... Best is he go take care of her for a few days before deciding... hahaha

So Ace said OK he will just visit and play with Sunshine :)

Phew.. guess who will end up taking care of the puppy if that became reality??

Hint: There is one person who had to feed Molly and Xiao Yuan and Xiao Yang everyday and wash their fish tanks.. and take care of potted plants that her son brings home..

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