Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last Day Of 2015

Have been trying to arrange to meet up with Godma Annie and finally, we have a date where everyone is free-- the last day of 2015!

Godma Annie suggested a nice place with nice food in Liang Court and so we decided to go there lor.

However she was held up in office and so we said we will wait for her...

While waiting, Max went to his favorite "juice" shop there... to have a cup...

Haha.. found a cider tat is named ACE:)

But that is very boring for us... so me and Ace went to explore Liang Court. We visited Uniqlo... and then walked around the mall and found this mini exhibtion... It talks about the Japanese new year and the things associated to it...

The doll display is so cute:)

I think this is the doll for the Boy's Day.

I never knew this is  a wish doll... so cute:)

A larger version of that Hina Masturi display..

This botak man is to increase good fortune and bring good luck.. HUAT AH!:)

Japanese dragon dance of sorts...

Everyone should know what this is lah:)

You tell Ace this has good luck and he will want to take photo with it:) hahahaah

Then very bored.. so we went to kinokuniya and Ace was telling me how he wanted to spend his money to buy this and that but he din bring his money along so he asked if I can lend him money and I said no...

Ace was excited to see this!:) hahaha

We spent a good bulk of our time doing this...looking through the puzzle book to find the tiny dog... wah, I almost thought the dog is non existent!

The dog is so small lor.. so hard to find.. after I did a few pages, I had a headache lor!

And then we looked at this and looked at that and decided that there was finally nothing to see.. and just as we were about to walk out of the shop, Ace saw a book on display called THIS BOOK LOVES YOU... it is a book of quotes by one of his favorite youtube channels, Pewtie Pie...

And then he delcared that he is going to stand there and finish reading the whole book..

But his mother me already had achy feet.. and heng ah! There is a bench right outside the bookstore and so I went to sit down and take pictures of him reading his book...

Had to sit there for 20 minutes while he finished reading..

When he was finally done, we went to search for Max and wat was he doing?

Same as what he always does..

Then it is time for dinner! And we had a great dinner with some nice desserts:)

Happy Ace got a $100 red packet from Annie Godma.. $50 for him to buy things... $50 to support his charity work.... and so he immediately went to buy this mist fan that he saw in KINO:) hahahaha

We also got some lovely HONEY APPLES from Annie Godma as presents:) The apples are so sweet and cost $5 each lor! Ace as so excited to eat them and I had to make him wait till his dad is around to cut them or Max wouldnt have a chance to taste them at all:)

Then we reached home.... and at 12 mid night... there were two fireworks display visible from our house:)

Also saw alot of red red lights floating in the sky... Max said they are flares that ships shoot into the air to celebrate the new year. Usually supposed to be used during emergency lah.. but during new year.. shoot as celebration...

And then, we went back to bed.. So that was how we spent the last day of 2015:) haha...

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