Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Night In Memory Of Ma Ji

About a year ago, I had a conversation with Ace about Xiang SHeng (Chinese crosstalk), he was kind of interested but I was unable to find any clips to let him watch:)

So imagine my happiness when I found out that they are going to hold a cross talk performance in memory of Ma Ji.. and will even invite Zhao Yan over!

I asked Max if he will be keen to bring Ace to the show and his dad promptly bought tickets:)

I was so excited lor... and I was worried that the chinese may be still to chim for Ace and that he will find it boring.. But at any rate, I decided that I will enjoy myself too:)

Our original plan was to eat at our fav veg place but it was not opened... so we adjourned elsewhere....

That is us in the lift  on the way to the theatre ;)

 Camwhore a little since nothing to do but wait:)

When we arrived, I couldnt help but notice that we were one of the few YOUNGER audiences... most of the pple who attended the session were like our parent's age lor.. is Chinese Crosstalk really a dying artform in Singapore? that will be so sad lor...

THis is how the program looks like. I had to explain to Ace who is who and the various details about crosstalk and I have him a brief about the different types of crosstalk, hoping that it will help him understand and appreciate it more...

Ace was a little bored while waiting for the show to start... I was so afraid he will annoy the uncles and aunties around us:) hahaha

Anyway, when they started out, the first piece was 《一仆二主》, which was something I am familiar with.

It had Ace bent up in stitches and I was so relieved to hear that because it means he understood and probably enjoyed himself. He was laughing so loudly that his dad whispered to me and said, "Ask him dun laugh until like that leh.."

And I was glad I attended this show cos Zhao Yan talked about the oldie Xiang Sheng show and I finally have the name of the show to search youtube:)

Here is
《一仆二主》 by Ma Ji and Zhao Yan:)

I watched it again with Ace at home that day and I must say that while he still found it funny, there were too many PRC chinese phrases and so he did not catch the jokes that well.

But leh, while it got off to a good start, their second item by two of 958's DJs was firstly, very chim cos the punchline was dependent on one being familiar with songs and phrases in PRC vs those in Singapore. Secondly, the DJs were not profesional cross talk performers so their momentum is not that fast and so it was a little boring even for me. Ace got really distracted but I was glad he got interested again when the third item came up. But I think his favorite is still the first item....

Anyway, I was so surprised to see Zhao Yan with a head of white hair... but then, I realized that I last saw them on TV maybe close to 30 years ago...  Anyway, just happy to see him in good health..

It is a pity though that the program only kept a short section for him and his counterpart from China. I would have liked to hear more from them  cos I thought it was mainly Zhao Yan..

All in all though, we had a great night:) And I am so happy that Ace loves Xiang Sheng. I wonder though if I will ever get a chance to perform xiangsheng with him. I wish I had tapes of myself doing cross talk on stage.... eg, the one where I represented school for the Singapore Xiang Sheng competition and came in second and even the one where I performed 白板with my senior for my JC.

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