Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What is the most important thing in life?

The other day, Ace came home from school and asked me, "Mummy, what is the most important thing in your life?"

"You lor... I told him...

And then I asked him what was the most important thing for him...

"The most important thing of my life is... MY LIFE... because... if i dun have my life, then it is worthless..." he said.

I get his logic but also saw it as a good chance to expand his view a little..

I explained to him that no life is worthless however long or short. For examples, there are babies who may be born for a shot while and leave us like the baby who is sick that we prayed for the other day. The baby died in the end but his life is not worthless because his life is a good reminder to us that we should treasure what we have and live life to the fullest:)

So, even short lives are worth something...

But tat being said, it is also true that our lives are truly important and that is why we have to make good use of it..

I asked him why he suddenly asked me this question and he said he actually was discussing with his friends this topic about what is the meaning of life..

Gosh, I never discussed THAT with my friends when I was 11 lor!:)

PS: That is Ace with his new hairdo.. the uncle used mousse on him and Ace said he liked it. He just did not like it that styling gels had strong smells and were hard to wash off. I am thinking of buying some gel that doesnt smell too strong and easy to wash off... any suggestions?

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