Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Marche Outing

Remember how Ace was upset cos daddy did not pick him up for dinner?

So daddy made it up for him by bringing him out for dinner to a place of his choice..

Ace chose to go Marche in Suntec and when we reached there... our good friend wanted to see this and see that... So we had to wait for him...

Guess what he is looking at so happily...

No prizes for guessing what he was looking at lor:) hahahahahahaha.. cos quite easy to guess..

After that, we went to have dinner and Ace was no longer eligible for the kids meal and so he had a proper adults meal..

After that we went to do grocery shopping and here is Ace pretending to be a chef:)

Boliao Ace says he is trying to IMPALE himself on this steel rod... I dunno where he gets all these violent ideas!

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