Monday, March 14, 2016

Excellent Teamwork Mate

Solved a puzzle with Ace today....

Ace came to me cos the "straw" portion in his mist fan dropped out and he couldnt put it back into the nozzle again because the straw was too soft and the opening to the bottle was too small for us to put our whole hand in. The only way the straw can be fixed back in is if you had a way to push in hard right at the part where the straw and nozzle met. If you tried to do that when holding the straw from the other far end, the soft plastic straw would bend and you will be unable to push it in...

So I suggested using chopsticks but the grip was not firm or strong enough and Ace suggested that I tie a rubberband to fix the straw and the chop stick together and I tried it cos it sounded like a good idea.

Ended up, it is an excellent idea! The straw went back into the nozzle and I just cut the rubberband to release the chopstick.

Excellent teamwork, mate! ^5

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