Saturday, July 01, 2017


So Ace gets ang pao money for his birthday.. and what does he spend it on?

Yday went to tuition and his teacher tod me he has been buying ice cream, bubble tea, cakes and stuff to eat during tuition. All sugared ones lor.. I asked him how he got the money and he said is his birthday ang pao..

Then, Ace told me yesterday, he bought a policeman set and they had so much fun playing with it:) And hor, he got kept the handcuffs.. which he is super happy about.. LOL... Looks like old habits die hard..

I think it is a good reminder that 12 year olds are still little boys... LOL .. But can someone tell my son this is not the way to spend get how much spend how much... sigh...

Anyway, he is very excited cos he wants to bring it to Popo house and play with his cousin... and so I had this talk with him about playing violent games.

As Cay is growing up, I noticed that the two boys are playing more and more violently. It's a boy thing I know. But I told Ace that Cay probably does not know how to control his strength and so he uses alot of strength and is very violent... And I know he probably used alot of strength because Cay used alot of strength and hurt him.

But I told him as Cay is not old enough to understand control of strength, and if he sees gor gor do that, he will use more strength.. end up it becomes a battle of violence and strength.. and hor, someone is bound to get hurt and I really dun want to see anyone get hurt especially they are both pple I adore.

Anyway, we hook our fingers and he promised me he will take note of the way he spends money... but he asked if I could remind him because he says he is forgetful :)

 Ace brought the set to Popo house and then Cay kept wanting to play with it.. Ace says ok but only one time and locked him up for a short while and that was it..

THen Cay was upset cos he really wanted to play and so I asked Ace why he did not let Cay play.. he said he was afraid that Cay will pull too hard and spoil it.. and so after some negotiation... when Cay promised to be gentle, Ace let him play for a little while more... Cay promptly went to lock his mother up... LOL

Finally both boys are happy:) hahahaha

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