Monday, September 11, 2017

Ace, The Gift Of Humour

 Usually if I meet Ace's teachers, be it his school teachers or his tuition teachers, the feedback is always the same. He cannot sit still, he is always fiddling with something in class, he is too much of a clown and trying to make others laugh instead of concentrating on his work...

It has been like this all this while... And I realized some time back that while it is true there are times when he is doing that when he is not focused, there are also times that he does all those when he is.. reason being.. he is a kine learner... so I guess he needs his outlet..

But this year though, the feedback in school has not been fantastic. Somewhere along the mid of last year, he started to lose focus in class and became tardy. No amount of prep talk from me, from his teachers whatsoever has really helped. And I guess he was probably affected by the things going on at home. Initially though, it did not affect his results. This year though, his results were very much affected and he did not do well for his prelims or his mid years.

So it was really a pleasant surprise the other day when his Primary Division Sunshine Aunty messaged me and told me this:

It is a reminder to me that he is just in mastery of his gift of humour:) I hope the same can extend to his studies as well.. LOL

Anyway, I am quite blessed. The other day, his dad suddenly said he cannot send Ace to the PD meeting but I was like really sick and it will be difficult for me to send him there and wait for him for two hours doing nothing... so I think I thought and thank.. and I decided to message Sunshine aunty to see I can send him there and then they help guide him to bus stop so he can take bus home.

My good fortune was sunshine aunty say she can pick him, send him there and send him home! NMHRGK... blessed lor!

So I can stay at home to rest and focus on getting better...

I wonder if Ace will miss his PD friends as he moves on to secondary school next year.

But gakkai is small place, somehow they will meet again I am sure:)

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