Tuesday, September 19, 2017

PSLE Prep Talk By Jez Meinu

We are blessed with great friends.

I was telling Jez meinu how Ace is losing focus right before PSLE and how he is not pushing himself to do his best. He is perpetually lost and angry. To make it worse, he did not do well for his prelims and so that made him feel like giving up...

And being the good friend she is, Jez after working for 12 hours straight in the day, rushed over to our house to go through with Ace his PSLE revision time table and also to give him prep talk for PSLE.

SO thankful for that.

BUt did it help?

Well, our good friend actually went back to watching videos non stop again the very next day and did not do any of his required papers at all for the first few days till he kenna scolding from me.


Luckily, after a few days, he started showing slightly better attitude and started to pick up a little. Though I know and can tell it is not his best.

I do what I can best. I leave the rest to Ace himself and heaven.

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