Monday, September 18, 2017

The Dao Kua Pok That Refused To Melt

Because Ace loved the veg fried egg that Aunty Mag made, I have been trying to replicate the dish..

I bought all the required ingredients... alas, I tried to cook the dao kua pao.. I cook and cook and cook... I cooked for TWO DAYS using PRESSURE COOKER... also no difference!

 It just refused to MELT! It is supposed to melt into like dao hway.. and then after that I am suspposed to wrap it with carrot into a beancurd skin and airfry it...

In the end I give up. I made this instead with some canned peanuts... tasted equally awesome to me.

That only goes to show.. when life gives you dao pok tat refused to melt, you just make braised dao kee out of it! Equally satisfying! ;)

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