Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Make Shift Veg Sushi

So near my workplace there is only like ONE place I can dabao food and only ONE food I can dabao for Ace.

That place is called NTUC and that food is sushi.. every time I need to dabao dinner for Ace, I will go over there to check out the food and see what veg options are left. I realized that alot of times they have discounts after a certain timing and because Ace loves sushi, this is a frequent dinner arrangement.

However, one of the days I went, there were not vegetarian options left and so I bought thisand replaced the crabstick with veg sausage to make it vegetarian lor:)

I tot I am quite clever leh.. but Ace says the taste is very weird:) hahahaha

Then one of the times, I was there choosing sushi and the aunty asked me what I want..  I said I was looking for inari because my son is vegetarian.. so she said she can make for me... And then I asked her why sometimes got discount, sometimes no discount.. she asked me to pick what I want and she will give me the discount..

So after tat, I clever liao... I always go and look for aunty for customized sushi for Ace and open my mouth and ask for discount:) hahahahaah..

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