Wednesday, September 27, 2017

What Games Do Cousins 7 Years Apart Play?

I have many people always telling me how amazed they are with Ace that he can play with the younger kids at his age where most teenagers will roll their eyes when they see kiddos playing "kiddish games".

I always tell them that Ace has a gift of innocence and is always to have fun and play games! I think he secretly also enjoys being the leader when playing with younger kids... Hahahaha...

As he is 7 years apart from Cay, it never fails to amaze me the sort of games they will invent so they can play together.

 THe other day, Ace was pretending to ride horse while wearing a "hat" made out of Cay's fav teddy bear... Hahahaha

And this is Cay asking Gor Gor to give the bear back to him.

Usually after a session like this.. Cay will get upset.. then they will not play for a while.. and then afterwards, they will be best friends again:) hahahaha

I am just glad they are getting along. I am looking forward to when they are older and can count on each other for support just like how me and my sis support each other through life;)

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