Sunday, September 03, 2017

Visit To Parkway Parade With Cousin Cay

The two cousins are very cute lah..

We were at Popo's house the other day and whole day, they just did their own thing by themselves. In the end, when I said I wanted to go home liao, they wanted to play together and started playing lego together.

The ending is we decided to go out for dinner together and ended up in PPP after that.

 The two cousins tam dak yi.. never put money also want to go and ride the kiddy ride

 Never fails to amaze me how Ace can also squeeze in and enjoy the ride.. hahahaah

Anyway, we bought school shoes for Ace as well because just two months short of graduation from primary school, his shoe gave way. Boh pian lah... buy new ones lor.. wat to do.. have a cow for a son.. hahahah..

After we did all our shopping, Nett Nett bought very tasty tutu kuay for all to share...

THen we went to jalan jalan at Daiso and the various shops before we made our way home...

Saw some interesting gift items...

I wonder at what age will they like start going out together on their own...

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