Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Gong Gong's Birthday

Ace had gone away with his dad to Cambodia for a Father And Son Bonding cum Charity Trip....

So I was feeling kind of bored and a little lonely.... Since it was Gong Gong's birthday, we arranged for a family lunch.

When I reached the lunch location, I instantly felt better!

My nephew, Cay, had not seen me for a few weeks. He was so excited to see me and kept talking to me non stop... and even though his conversation with me is all wu li tou... and nonsensical, I could feel his love for me and I was so much recharged after talking to him:)

We had a great lunch and was so full we couldnt even finish the cake:)

Happy and glad I got to bath in the unconditional love of my orignal family for a day. :)

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