Monday, October 09, 2017

Both Are You

It has been great comfort to have Ace with me. And in the moments when I feel most alone, he somehow knows and somehow offers me the best comfort.

When I feel down, somehow he knows and he will shower me with tlc...

When I was so tired one day after work that I fell asleep on the sofa, he came over to hug me while I slept, as if to tell me it is ok to rest and that everything will be better. He actually hugged me from behind while I was alseep for a really long time.

Because I was a little pleasantly surprised that he hugged me for so long, when I woke up, I asked him offhandedly whether he liked to to hug me when I am awake or asleep.

His answer... was the sweetest thing I could ever want to hear during that difficult day.

He told me...
"Both i like.... Because both are u...."

It is great to be loved!

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