Sunday, October 08, 2017

Lotus Sutra Exhibition

 So I was informed that SSA will be organizing a Lotus Sutra Exhibition. It is an international exhibition that has travelled around the world.

Ace was going to go with the Primary Division... and initially thought I may give it a miss but my friend kept telling me it is a chance in a lifetime because this exhibition may not come again... There were group visits there but my group visit was on a working day.. so I couldnt make it with them.

Anyway, here is Ace on his visit to the LSE...

I asked him how was the exhibition and he said he enjoyed the bus ride most because he could talk with his friends.. LOL

Midway, he got rather hungry and luckily his sunshine aunty brought extra food like MOONCAKES along. He told me he ate ONE MOONCAKE! hahahahahaha...

Anyway, as I was wondering when and who I could go with, JX, whom we got to know when filming a segment with Frontline about children and their mobile gaming habits, offered to go with me and since I had no one to go with, I took up on her offer. She also invited her colleague and his wife along and so 4 of us met up to visit together...

I was really glad I decided to go in the end because it was such an interesting exhibition that talked about the history of the lotus sutra and how it was spread from India all the way to Japan. I learnt many things I did not know about the Lotus Sutra despite having been reciting the Sutra since I was 5! Hahahaha..

 The exhibition was held at the Arts House and was put together and managed fully by Soka Members who were not  professionals but merely volunteers!

 I took a few photos and was told photos are not allowed so that is all you will see.. hahaah

 THis was some arch which had buddhist stories engraved on it..

 These are paper flowers hand made by Soka Members.. so pretty hor...

 At the end, I found some chops you can chop.. so I chopped them on my ticket. I love this.. I think looks like me.

If you think this is Changer, you are wrong... these are buddhist fairies who can fly  :)

 My fav part of the exhibition are the fei tian fairy pictures..

So pretty right?

They are often featured in the Mogu Caves together with all the Buddhist paintings.

After the exhibition, JX even treated me to a sumptous dinner. Very thankful to her for reaching out to me and pulling me up a little from the abyss of misery:)

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