Friday, October 06, 2017

Scary Baby

One of our fav korean restaurant has relocated to a shopping mall and so everytime we go eat there, as we are going down the escalator, we will see a huge poster... which this baby that Ace calls a "Scary Baby.."

It is actually part of the promotional pictures put up by the mall to promote the many types of shops and activities available in the mall.

My son thinks it is super funny to draw random pictures in my phone in secret and will be bent over in laughter when he passes the phone to me...
cannot get over this picture simply because  we cannot warp our heads around why this picture was chosen as part of a marketing campaign to get you to visit the mall more often... cos Ace says:
  1. This baby looks scary
  2. This baby also looks scared
  3. And this baby looks unhappy
  4. Why will anyone wanna torture their kids like this..

Sadly, this picture is used in ALL MALLS under this particular organization. HAHAHAHAHA....

Everytime we have to walk past this picture, Ace will go "Oh no!!!!!" hahahahaah...

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