Friday, June 03, 2016

Our Hearts Will Break

So we went grocery shopping and while on the way home, we were discussing how we are going to do a carbo free diet the following week since the whole family has been putting on weight...

So I jokingly told Ace he can join us since his face is starting to get round already... And Max went, "Yeah, no rice!"

And Ace was filled with distraught when he heard that... "But, but, I cannot dun eat rice! " He said.

So I told him I will fry him some kang kong everyday and he can have whole plate of kang kong to himself.

Then he said, "But I need something to go with the veggie.... And I need the rice to absorb the sauce of the kangkong... Ask me to dun eat noodle can.. but I cannot dun eat rice!" he said...

And then his dad laughed at him and said he is a 饭桶... (A rice bin... someone who cannot dun eat rice)

And Ace said in a very serious tone.. "Actually, that is a crash diet.. it is not good for health, it will make you die faster... You cannot suddenly have no carbo intake..."

"No difference lah.. Your dad is going to die earlier anyway cos he drinks so much beer..." I couldnt resist taking a jab at Max about his fondness for all things alchoholic and fizzy..

And so Max just had to RETURN the favour by retorting... "Yeah, see, she waiting for my death insurance payout for a long time liao...If I die you all will become rich..."

To be honest, at this point, I felt a little insulted... my husband likes to say this that I am waiting for him to die so I will be rich from his insurance... But that itself is such an insult to the love I have for him and an insult to our marriage...

So I told him.. "If we wanted money, we would buy toto lor... no need to kill u.."

And he said, "But Toto not confirm will get the money.. if I die, you confirm get the money mah.."

And Ace, who has been quiet all along throughout our friendly verbal match suddenly made sobbing noises.... "But.. if you die.. even if we get the money.. we will all.... be.. heartbroken..." And he choked... and broke off into loud sobs...

So I told Max he shouldnt have said that and that he should apologize to Ace.

Have to be careful in front of Ace.. cannot say we will die or wat... cos that always gets him going.. I wonder how he will be the day we have to leave this world and say goodbye to him. I certainly hope he will still remember about what I told him about how people live on forever in our hearts when they die...

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