Thursday, June 30, 2016

You Must Buy Something For Me!

Ace and I have a new game...

It started innocently enough... He helped me do something small... I dun remember what. something like he helped me switched on the lights..and he said.. "I did something for you, you have to buy me something now!"

So I thought, "Two can play the game mah!"

So I reminded him that I just cooked dinner for him... so he has to buy me something... and then he started saying something he did for me... and I would say a few things I did for him.. IN the end, of cos he cannot win one lah.. cos how can he do more for me.. and he will laugh and giggle non stop when he cannot find anything else to say... Hahahaha...

Somehow I think after playing this game, he realized how much his parents have done for him and is a little more lovey dovey and will keep coming to hug me and tell me that he loves me after...  :)

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