Friday, November 11, 2016

Ace's Art Work

Few months ago, Ace told me that he made some art pieces... Clay models... during his art and craft lessons. But he said they were on display so he cant bring them home.

The last day of school, he finally brought his art work home...

THis is a clay head... But Ace says after it went into the kiln and came out, it looks like a distorted, perverted clown face: ) Hahaha.. I tot quite nice leh..

He also made a small dish... he was very upset cos he threw everything into the plastic bag and by time he reached home, some part of it chipped off. Because that part was very thin.

Ace was very disappointed because he made this dish to put soy sauce:) hahahahaa...  I told him next time dun make such thin edges.. or.. he must wrap it in newspaper when packing to bring it from one place to another.

He says he made one more tree house but it is still on display at school and he won't get it till next year. Bring home I also dunno where he can put lah...

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