Friday, November 25, 2016


 Not much stuff at home to cook but needed to make lunch for Ace. So any howly use prata, ketchup, tomatoes , cheese and mushrooms to make prata pizza for Ace:)

I tried using the airfryer to "bake" ... Not bad:)

 Also reading alot about how pple making currypuff using prata skin...and tried it.. so nice!  ;)

Then I started detox and I still had to cook for Ace. I discovered I had some zuchinni left in fridge and saw a good recipe for zuchnni Chap chae:)hahahaha... so decided to make it...

Had to first marinate the toufu and onion.... smells so good!

Looks so tasty lor:)

Think I will make again another day when I can eat:) hee!

On an unrelated side note, Pokemon GO had lunched a new event and a new Pokemon called Ditto.. I woke up, walked out of bedroom and caught it... and I tot it was everywhere, not realizing that not everyone could catch it immediately:) hahaha... Ah Yee took one whole day to catch it...

Ace was lucky lor.. I quickly woke him up after I caught it and he caught it too..

I shook him and said "Ace, wake up! Look what i caught!"  And I showed him the ditto..

He still blur blur... wake up... and asked me.. "what..." and the after 3 seconds, the picture registered... and he was like "What?! OMG!" and jumped out of bed.. hahahaha..

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