Friday, November 11, 2016

Chwee Kuey

So Ace would always reject my offers of buying him chwee kway and he doesnt seem to like to eat cai por also...

And about half a year ago, while reading through his Chinese textbook with him, we came across this phrase "萝卜干" and I told him it is called Cai Por... It is the thing on top of chwee kuey... and he was still going.. "I dun like.."

But hor, recently, he has been asking food with cai por in it.. when I asked why.. then he told me that his school canteen started selling chwee kuey.. which he likes to buy because it is very tasty...

So the other day, when we were out for a meal and he asked for Chee Cheong Fun... he asked if I could also order chwee kuey as an add on and so I ordered lor. But sadly, this one the cai por not nice.

I told Ace I think this cai por sure not nice... He asked me how I know.. I told him nice cai por is translucent.. can see through one.. this one not translucent.. so not nice:) hahahaha... And he said, "Yeah mummy, my school one is nice.. it is translucent one..."

I told him there is a famous chwee kuey stall in bedok interchange.. next time buy for him to eat:)

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