Saturday, November 26, 2016

Arcadia Seniors Night

So our Lions club was planning for a dinner for some 40 seniors from Lion Befrienders's Meiling and Lengkok Bahru Centre.

It started out with a plan to bring them for an excursion... but then we remembered how they actually enjoyed eating food alot more than going for the excursion to the SEA Aquarium, we decided to make it a dinner:)

We needed performers and I kept asking Ace if he wanted to perform. I told him he could sing.. or dance.. cos i think the seniors will enjoy seeing children perform... But Ace kept saying no...

End up, we did not have quite enough seats so we did not bring him lah :)

Setting up....
DJ setting up all the songs for our Arcadia's Got Talent competition later;)

wefie after quick briefing about the voting system for Arcadia's Got Talent:)

Expired Orange Juice.. ahem....

See that lady in Blue? That is Lele's grandmother.. so happy to see her and chatted with her. Lele is also in P6 like Ace and also a phone addict:) hahahhaha... I wonder though if they will remember each other if they see each other now...

Our friend's son helping out.. if Ace were here.. will ask him to make himself useful too:)

Cheers! Did you notice I am not seated at this table? THat is cos I was doing detox.. not eating.. so not seated:) Lucky Max... all vegetarians get food cooked by Lion Mag... DELICIOUS lor!

Max also made himself useful as a MIC STAND:) hahahahah

Our friend's mother, Mdm Chua... singing.. I dun understand Cantonese but she is good! SHe says she has been learning cantonese opera for 18 years! Such a big heart.. just like her son!


The karaoke session was also quite fun.. I never knew my frens all so talented! We had Queen of Karaoke, Princess of Karaoke, Prince of Karaoke, Singapore Jackie Cheung and even a contestant who sang both the male and female parts of a boy girl duet!

Everyone had such a greattime:)

I wish Ace was there though.. I would have liked him to learn from these two gor gors.... These 15 year old young lads used their holiday to practice and perform for our event.. one did electric guitar and singing... another one did Yoyo stunts and magic tricks:)

Kerr gor gor also lend his golden voice and sang a song for the seniors:)

All in all, everyone had a great time:)

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