Wednesday, November 30, 2016


My husband started running...and he took part in some 21 day challenge to run 100km cos he was inspired by his friend.

Following month, he asked if I wanted to join him as well... I told him I can walk but cannot run... and then I saw the medal.. is a pretty one... that is a Eagle's Feather!

Wah.. so pretty leh.. so I asked the organizer if it is ok tat I walked.. and they say ok.. so I signed up for just 50km in 21 days lah....

That is the reason why I started and did so much walking.. in the end, I exceeded my target midway and decided that I will aim for 100km:) hahaha..

But I guess it is kind of nice to walk and enjoy nature...

Saw so many beautiful flowers...

And cute animals;) haha

And my necklace is finally here!

Ace say very nice.. he wants too and wants to walk.. But i told him too late to sign him up.. but he walked some of it with me and so his dad gave him his necklace;)

I did not take part the following months though.. cos the medal not nice.. I really took part because the medal is nice.. vain pot hor:) hahahaha...

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