Thursday, November 10, 2016

Pasar Malam

Remember how Ace said he wanted to go Pasar Malam again?

So since I had time and needed to fulfill my walking quota, I asked Ace if he would like to walk with me to the Pasar Malam and in return I will buy him more churros and let him play some games. I asked Jez Meinu and ZJ Shushu along as we havent done our Shi Zi Lu Kou thing for a long time. Was thinking can dinner at Blk 85 after tat.

Was walking at saw the poster for the POkemon Movie at the bus stop.

Ace says he wants to watch.. but a few day later, he found a version of it online and watched it already...

Finally reached the pasar malam... and Ace played one game to win this very silly toy... Hahahhaah.. Ok lah... as long as he happy.. It is a pokeball with a Bulbasar.. He wanted Pikachu but uncle says he only has those few pokemons. and Ace said he picked this one cos it looked LEAST PERVERTED:) hahahhaa...

THen he said he wanted to do the shooting game. He is quite a good shot and I tot he might win something good.. in the end just won a useless necklace;) hahahaha... He wore it once or twice (said it is very cool) and sian liao..

He and his churros...

We adults with our beer and our chicken wings, porridge and noodles:)

Afterwards, ZJ Shushu drove us home...

At least I fulfilled the promise I made and dun have to hear someone ngiam ngiam ngiam all the time.. Haha..

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