Monday, November 21, 2016

GV Official Opening

 Aunty Veron says GV has shifted to a new office and invited us to her opening party.. and since Ace is free..brought him along for the party:)

 Uncle Chuck was there to bless the office too:)

 Ace making himself useful by helping to hold the pineapple:)

 Huat ah!


 Time to roll the ong lai ong ong!

  Chuck saying a few words and giving more blessings to the office..

After they were done with the blessing... Ace found out Louis is downstairs in his dad's office and so he went to find him...

After I was done socializing, I also went down to look for him... only to find the two boys having some sort of M.Gario tournament..

And they did not want to finish up and go home.. so I sat down and waited and waited....

 While waiting, my friend showed me this.. she says is antique... and indeed antique lor! I made these some 15 years ago with my Marketing Team! Sure brings back lots of memories!

 I will always remember this packaging...

Even saw this book... and reminded me of our Iridology days:)  I still remember us attending a talk after having our iris photo taken.. we were told tat those beach like sand dunes by the side are a sign of stress and me and a few other friends had quite a few of them.... so that means we were all stressed... and so as to remind ourselves not to be stressed, we named ourselves... the RElax Jie Mei Hua:) hahahahaha...

Finally after waiting for an hour plus.. Ace gam wan to go home.. Actually i forced him to go home lah... I mean, I think Louis and his dad also ready to go home lor:) hahahaha...

Then we walked out and waited for his dad to come pick us.

Ace was so happy he had a chance to play with Louis.. so I guess considered that I fulfilled his desire to have playdate with Louis:) haha!

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