Sunday, December 11, 2016

AC and WIlliam's Wedding

AC was a friend I knew way back. We actually got closer cos she was working in Dubai and when Max went over, I linked them up and group of them formed a pubbing group and called themselves the Dubai Wet Gang.. going drinking when they are free.... and so they got much closer and as a result, we got much closer too:)

When Ace was much younger.. he liked to call AC 爱爱姐姐... and so, 爱爱has finally found her true love and gotten married;) And being long time friends of our family.. Ace is invited too:) hahaha...

 Since going to wedding.. I make up nice nice liao.. shun pian take passport photo:) hahahaha

 Since war nice nice.. must take alot of photos!:)

 Ace chua giving me bunny ears..

 Playing games again.... sigh....

Then reach the wedding liao.. must camwhore somemore!

 One more for our Dubai wet gang's memory sake!

 The most crowded table photo cos all POV frens have to squeeze in!

 Still remember before AC decided to come back to SG...she asked Max Spezzano for advice and he said to her tat if she is looking for true love and someone to get married to... going home will have higher chance than in Dubai... and so she went home:) And here we are!

Congrats to the sweet couple!:)

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