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Family Trip To Genting & KL: Day 2B Strawberry And Lavender Farm

After we went back to our room to bath and take a breather.. we decided to head out for lunch. This time, we decided we will drive to this part of the hill that seems to have alot of restaurants and see if we can find some decent food:)

Walked past the decorative Pitcher plant.... and Ace said he wanted to buy.. hahaha.. I told him take picture can liao:)

Saw a strange plant that seems to have multi coloured leaves while walking to our car... so strange..

While driving around.. we wondered which of the two strawberry farms should we go to after lunch. There is one called the Mini Cameron Highlands...

But it looked quite quiet...

And truth to be told, rather sad...

Probably will go to the other one..

Then hor, while driving around all the seafood restaurants, we found this restaurant with an interesting name!

And it is Ace's fav Thai food!:) So we decided to eat here...

Turns out that Ace brought Evee along for lunch.. hahaha... so he says must take some photos:)

So old school.. wash your own cups..

Dunno wat tea they served us.... green green one... not very tasty...

Anyway we also ordered coconut water..

Max cannot dun order this.. hahaha:)

Very interesting-looking green curry... turns out to be super nice wor!

Ace showing off his leech bite to me...it is tat very very tiny red dot..

See... all the plates licked so clean!:) hahahaha.. Ace playing with ice that was meant for the beer..

Very full, time to get home.. saw this machine... so interesting... it is an alkaline water vending machine..

Time to head to the strawberry farm..


We thought can pluck our own strawberries but apparently they are not in season and so can only go in and see see look look...

To be quiet honest, nothing much lah... if just go and see and look... Not a must do.. but since we here and nothing to do.. just go in and walk  walk lor..

See, most of the strawberries are not ripe yet..

Fascinated with all these flowers growing at the ceiling part of the green house that housed the strawberries..

The strawberries are so cute...

I tot this is a fake plant.. turned out to be real!

THere is a lavender garden further in...

Father and son very bored I think.. they walked so fast I cannot catch up.. I want to take family photo with them against flower background also cannot cos they just walk and do their own thing like we from different tour grp like tat...

So I just take my own sweet time lah..

THis is how strawberry flowers look like... pretty!

Most of the plants are like tat... big plant.. only one fruit... So leh, I guess that is why cannot pluck and eat direct...

Finally reached the Lavender Farm.

Here is a video of it..

Most of the flowers not in full bloom yet.. so not very pretty...

Somehow there were alot of rose plants in the surrounding area..

There is quite a variety of Lavender plants here.. I knew that.. I tot all the same leh!

Other than lavender plants, there are many other flowers...

Of course nothing as fancy as the Dubai Miracle Garden..

Haha! Boots also can be used to plant flowers wor!

THank goodness I have my trusty selfie stick so I can take photo of myself... hahahaha... COs the boys already dunno where liao.. cannot even see them!

THey have all these decorative frames... If only Max and Ace were here then Ace can help me and Max take photo lah..

Wonder if the papaya will taste good...

Somehow, I saw alot of these deformed strawberries here.... wonder why...

HOw come all purple an din the middle of nowhere there is a red one leh?

THere is a small portion of the farm where the plants seem to bear more fruit. I saw two ladies holding a small basket and a scissors and cutting the strawberries they want.. apparently got to pay extra. But I look at the sibeh sad strawberries, I decided that I shall not do tat:) hahaha

Decided to go liao.. but turns out not so easy to walk out of this place. Before you go out, you need to go through a path that will bring you through lots of shops and stranges places before you can really get out...

One of the places we passed by is a food place.. so we stopped for a strawberry ice cream! woohoo!

And take a break at their strawberry tables and chairs..

Walked past a toy shop and saw these really strange looking fake pokemon lego... Looks very sad.. can you tell which is which pokemon?

THen randomly passed by some tshirt shops.. and then out of nowhere there is this panda thingy.. I tot this is strawberry farm wor.. wat has this gotta do with these pandas!?

THen walked past this strawberry car...
And came to this garden like place with lots of colourful flowers...

Rose garden...

Then we saw this green green plant. wondering wat it is.. and we smell the leaves hor.. is lavender! Looks different from the one we saw at the lavender farm wor! But smells even better!

Turns out got flower too!:)

Finally the boys are with me so can ask Ace to take photos for us:)

Sigh... so nice my smile and the frame...but Max go and make funny face instead of smile...

Came to this portion tat sold plants..

Yet another different type of lavender plant!

Tot this plant is veyr interesting.. leaves all curly one.. in the end, we bought a lavender plant and this curly plant for my MIL.. too bad by time we reached KL, the lavender plant rotted so we had to leave it behind..

I wish we could have brought it home with us.. the leaves smell so good lor!

Then came to this portion with strange benches...

I asked Ace to come over cos I told him he sure will like.. I was referring to the swinging bench with tiger heads.. but he ran over....

And sat on the rose bench! hahahaha

This one is interesting.. the part here Ace is sitting on can move/swing forward and backwards one.

Then suddenly came to a place with windmills.. confusing siah!

THen there is this portion with lots of African Daisies..

Saw this really strange plant.. wiht alot of holes in the leaves.. dunno wat is it..

Looks like worms right? hahaha

Then finally got out of the place to go back...

On our way back, saw this horrible bus giving out so much black smoke all the way.. Max tried to drive further away behind him by driving real slow but we realized we still can smell it inside our enclosed car. So change strategy and speed up to drive in front of the bus instead... PHEW...

Saw this sign at the carpark.. wonder what sort of bike is a superbike leh:)

Discovred bamboo plants in hotel garden!

Checking out the scenery in the afternoon:)

Nothing to do and no wifi.. so watched some korean drama and chill while making plans to go back uphill for dinner..

Time to go take bus to go back uphill!:)

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