Saturday, December 24, 2016

Meeting Godma Seokling

Some time before the Xmas meet up, Godma SL asked me what does Ace likes.. i told her he is into Pokemon now... so she thoughtfully got him the following presents...

This is a flat bottle...with a book cover... So very ACE:) hahahahha

And then there is his fav pokeball power bank...

Pokemon iring.... his current phone cover cannot use iring cos surface is not flat.. so our good fren went to buy NEW phone cover with flat surface so that he can use the iring:) hahaha

So excited and wanted to use immediately lor! hahahaa..

Anyway, many thanks to godma SL for her thoughtful gifts:) She also remembered me and Max and I got a Hello Kitty recyclable bag and Max a beer bottle opener with his name on it:)

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