Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Party 2016 With Christmas Gang

As per our usual tradition, we will gather with our friends....

The start of the party... the kids will eat and play while we will eat and chat..

And take boh liao pictures.... eg this is how Max will look like if he had hair... Hair by Kayla.. Hahaha

So much food, so little stomach...

Ace teaching the younger ones how to play mobile games.. hahha

Then it was time to continue our tradition of Zong Ji Mi Ma to clear the food:) hahahaha

THisyear we have  help! We roped in Tiffany to be the game master!:)

As you can see we were having alot of fun trying to sabo Max... that plate of fried rice in front of him is what he has to eat if he lost:) hahaha

Because it was so fun.. Ace also came to join in and help be game master:)

Irene laughing cos she knows she is off the hook.. Ah Kym and Dragon taking a gamble to see who will get to eat food ;) hahaha

So cute lah.. Tiff knew i was taking photos and posed for me:)

End up hor... I think the dads of the two game masters ate most! hahahahahahahah.... Next year volunteer phoebe and Kayla to be game master then:) hahaha

Group photo after the game...

Everyone dabao food:)

And eat dessert.. yummilicious ice cream with wafer!

Ace CHua so AS... everyone take photo nicely he play game..

But we also took grp photo when everyone was here...


 So Uncle ST who offered us his house for the party did a countdown for the party... in the last 10 days, he did it and said it is the BOTS that will auto send us messages.. so he also told us to look out for the bots in his house.. and he really gao gang.. printed this to paste outside his house!

So just for remembrance, they say everyone must sign on it!:)

Max carried Kara and had to wait a long time for her to sign... no more strength liao:) hahaha

We also exchanged family presents and our present is this one from Kym and Dragon's family.... Maybe it is a sign.. time for a family holiday to Taiwan!;) hahahaa

Isnt it you even more awesome video..

Reached home liao.. I very boh liao... took some selfies .. Nice or not?

My blessings this christmas from my frens:) Oh.. I also got a fan from my sister:) hahahha

Kept these two greetings cos so cute and pokemon:)

Happy lah.. Just glad to be back here and celebrate christmas with friends:)

Looked through all our christmases I have logged here both in Dubai and sgp... brought about a warm feeling to my heart..
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