Thursday, December 01, 2016

My Goldfish Grew!

 The goldfish in my house, Xiao Yang, has come a long, long  way....

He came to my house when Ace did this fish with paper net thing with Max about a year and a half ago. So they caught many fishes and one by one... they died... Even Molly...  And Ace was so sad when Molly died.... till there were only two left... and then now there is only one...

Xiao Yang has been with us about one and a half years.. yet somehow, I always thought goldfishes are small mah.. so they will remain the same size forever.

The other day, I had to put it into a smaller tank cos their plastic tank started leaking from a crack. The so called smaller tank is just a small vase I have at home.. and because the space was so tight... I thought it will be a good idea to shift it to a big tank... Over the weekend, when I went to visit my in laws, I asked for a bigger plastic container and hence, he now lives in a new, bigger come..

And I left it in the new container for two weeks... cos I only threw half of the water and refilled it instead of my usual full scale cleaning to let the fish get used to it..

But when I wanted to clean the new container properly, I tried to transfer XY into the usual small cup that I used. But wondered why there seems to be no space for it to swim like the usual..

Then when  I put the fish back into the tank, I realized that my fish has grown.. that is why he doesnt fit anymore!

Gosh.. I guess I should have expected as such.. my boy also as tall as my eyebrows liao.. soon I am going to be the shorter person in our house....

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