Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Pokemon Cards

For Ace, everything Pokemon is in trend now.

Since Shushu showed off his pokemon card collection to him, Ace was hooked!

Since then he has been thinking about pokemon cards everyday....

When his godma gave him some money for doing well in Math, he said he is going to spend some of it on buying pokemon cards. He donated half to charity.. and the rest, he say keep $5 for me to be my xmas pressy and everything else he will spend on what he likes...

He spent almost ALL on pokemon cstuff lor! (Annie godma, dun say you never buy him wat he likes cos he already bought somethings he LIKES)

Before he buy, he told me he is going to buy 5 packets when we went to do our xmas shopping. I gave him the "Spend your money on something useful" talk. Hoping he will not buy or at least reduce the number of packets he buy. But I let him decide and he decided in the end... that he will STILL BUY 5! Hahahaha..

Happy face after he bought his 5 packets of cards..

And he bought more and more over time till the other day when he took out the whole stack, I was so shocked! I told him that is enough... he should STOP buying cos he already has some... kauz.. waste money...

Anyway, he saw that they were selling Churros and asked to eat some... so I bought him some. I made the mistake of letting him choose flavour and sauce.. he chose caramel sauce...

Wah piang.. that sauce is ah.. is sweet daoooooooooooooooooooooooo..... the moment I eat, my whole gum pain and instant headache... Crazy stuff!

I told him I will make for him lah..

At least if I ownself make I can control the amt of sugar and stuff that goes into the end result. Plus can do using air fryer..

NEVER. EVER. GOING TO BUY from this store... yuck.....

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