Sunday, December 11, 2016

Party Time

It is always a pleasure to be invited to Aunty Mag's parties...

She cooks kickass vegeterian food! And she always makes it a point to prepare something special for Ace who is vegeterian like her.

I got to know Mag while queueing up for veg food :) And as they say, the rest is history. :) hahahaha... Mag tells me she learnt to cook cos she started becoming vegetarian almost 40 years ago and back then, there were not alot of veg options available... so she had to learn to cook her own..

Before party.. she sent us some preview pics... hahahaha

And then she said to bring pot to dabao.. cos there was going to be veg pig trotters in vinegar!

We brought pot.. but paiseh to dabao in the end:) hahaha

One selfie before leaving the house:)

One more selfie on the road:)

These satays had me working hard.. I fiddled with the oven for at least 20 min before I finally understood how it worked and how to get it fired up :)  hahaha... too high tech liao man...

Do you see the green pieces of veg below? They are a little like the bottled chye sim teochews love to eat... is some sort of dua cai tat is seasonsed... so crunchy and so tasty!

This dish is Lingzhi restaurant inspired.. is quite easy to make I think. I just need to figure where to buy the white toufu sheet above tat can be cut into noodles...

Best. Vegetarian. Yong Tao Hu. Ever!

looks so delicious!

Tasty salad! Watermelon and spices with passionfruit juice.. very interesting!

That is me doing a.. so much food.. so little stomach for it look :) hahahaha


Anyway, few days later, we went over for meeting and got invited to dabao the vinegar pig trotter again.. when we say no container, she even provided container for us!

So tasty lor...... yums!

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