Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Cayden Performance

Ace's cousin, Cay, is doing drama class in school and every semester they will have a performance.. We have been to watch him twice already...

There was an upcoming performance and then Cay asked if me and Ace can go watch him perform. I said OK but just to tease him, I asked if I can go alone if Ace cannot make it.. He said no.. My nephew is very straightforward, he told me actually he just wants gor gor to go see him perform, I can dun need to go... sad siah... LOL

I actually think it is not so much that he wanted us to go watch him perform.. rather, he is looking forward to playing with his gor gor after the event at the playground like they always do:)

Anyway, since Ace is free, we made time to go lah..

 This time hor, one of Cay's classmate started crying and then ripple effect.. in the end 4 pple cried and could not perform.. thank goodness Cay is still cool and did a great job:)

 Bored Ace waiting for performance to start..

 Proud parents:)

Then something funny happened. The teacher for drama class gave out sweets and Cay took one for Ace. Ace ate it immediately but dropped it while wearing his shoe to leave the place. So this little other boy complained to Cayden,

OB: Tat big boy dropped all over the floor...
Cay: You saying MY gor gor?
OB: (not catching it) Ya, that big gor gor drop the sweet all over the floor.. tsk...
Cay: Are you saying MY gor gor? (in the "are you complaining about MY" brother tone)
OB: Oh sorry, I dunno he is your brother.

LOL. Cute to see Cay defending Ace lor!:)

Then came fav time of the day.. play in playground...

 I am still amazed 12 year old can have so much fun with the 5 year olds:)

Play date ended here.. cos Ace tried to help Cay rock the rocking horse and end up hitting his nuts... so he cried and we all called it a day and went back to popo house for dinner:) LOL

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