Friday, May 19, 2017

Karaoke At GV

Our good friends Veron and Linda organized a KARAOKE session in their office cos they had recently purchased a karaoke system for their office.

Since exams were over and since Ace was free, I asked if he will like to attend with me. Karaoke King mah.. of cos he said YES... so I brought him along.. Anyway, has been quite a while since he karaoke with me...

Alas the system only has songs from 2014 and before.. so Ace wanted to sing all the songs he is listening to and couldnt find..

In the end, buay pai wor.. pple sing, he dunno how to sing he also sing..

And he also found ONE song he want to sing one.. which is that rap by Eminem... LOL

Here are the videos of him in action!

All i all a great gathering I guess:)

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