Sunday, May 14, 2017

Cousins Playtime

Cousins in good mood and playing together again:)

Ace and Cay made guns with lego and started shooting each other...

And whenever two cousins in good mood, Cay will ask if we can eat dinner together... LOL.... and for added measure, he will always remind me "so long we never eat together already..." when actually we just had dinner together last week!:) LOL

Gor gor good service boy wor.. Cay says he very hot in the car on the way to dinner and Ace took out a fan to fan him:)

Because there was a huge crowd... we ended up in the lousy restaurant with the least amount of people...

Ace is still very into his anime drawing thingy and took out a paper to draw... So Cay wanted to do the same too:) hahahaha

Anyway, I bought Ace an eraser to do his anime drawing..

For his birthday, he says he wants to ask for books about how to draw anime, manga and even art pens to colour his anime:) LOL

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