Tuesday, May 09, 2017

iPhone 10 Wor!

Someone orbeegood!

Past exams, he always used his phone too much or what and it will get confiscated.. This time round, I let him use all the way...

BUT on the night before his Math Exam, when I walked in 1.5 hours after his designated bedtime, he was secretly using his iphone to watch ANIME!? Exam leh! MATH EXAM!  told him before 10,000 times that sleep is the most crucial to avoiding careless mistakes in math exams!

So his phone kenna confiscated and just so we can contact him, he gets to use this laokokkok uncle phone (it is 3G okie..)

He said he brought the phone to school and his friends went like, "Woah! iphone 10!"


Anyway, I think he tries to make the best out of it.. I realized he actually tried to use this phone to take video.. and even discovered the Snakes And Ladders game inside. I told him my time when phones just became popular, we were like soooooooooooooooooo impressed with this functions even though now they seemed to be quite jialat:) hahaha

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