Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mothers' Day

Mothers Day.

Spent it at my MOther's House.


In the evening, me and Ace and my sis and her family decided to go for lunch. Cay says very long never see Yizhang and want to eat dinner with him and so Max arranged to meet us there.

WHen he arrived, he brought along 3 bouquets of flowers.. he says for the mothers... It felt strange.. to get flowers for Mothers' Day... from the husband.. instead of son. But my FB was filled with people giving flowers to mothers and dads giving to mums on their children's behalf. I had wished that I would get a bouquet too. But when I got it though, somehow the feeling was different. Instead of feeling very xing fu... I actually felt kind of down...  Maybe because it felt like something I got so I wouldnt get left out and not really something special that he had wanted to give to me.

But I refused to hold on to such thoughts... decided to be appreciative instead.

I asked Ace to make his grandma a card and he used is new anime drawing skills to draw this card.. I think quite nice wor:)

So I decided to take pics of my flowers when I got home. But my son sibeh buay paiseh come and take photo with me like he was the one who bought me the flowers:) hahahah

Meanwhile, my sis says she will bring the bouquet she got back and give it to Popo and Zeng Popo... hahaha.. one flower can gift and regift so many times wor!:)

Asked Cay to be the rep:) hahaha...

Max also bought a bouquet for his mum. First time actually that he did something special like that for his mum so it was kind of a surprise and she was really happy...

Anyway, here are more of my photos with Ace...

And by myself.

I wanted to take with Max one. But he kept going out and never come back till super late. So in the end, the flowers also wilted... literally 我等到花儿也谢了... Hahahaha..

Nmind.. take ownself then..

Happy Mothers' Day to all!

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