Friday, May 05, 2017

Home Team Festival 2017

We love the HOme Team Festival! We had so much fun the last time we decided we MUST go again this year!

Made an appointment also to meet Lele there alas, we were delayed cos I got off at the wrong MRT station.. ended up having to walk from Kallang MRT to the sports hub where the event was held..

When we walked around the stadium, we saw this poster..

 Ace says this poster is wrong.. LOL.. cos hor, anything can be instrument mah.. a cup, two sticks.. even your arms and legs... so you dun bring your legs in meh? haahahahahah

 Finally reached the event area... din know police dogs are so cute...

Bbut this year the whole place is so big lor... and also cos Ace is older, not many things he is interested in.. decide to go straight for his fav.. SHOOTING GUNS!

 Mr Grumpy after a really long walk...

Surprisingly, he said he wanted to make buttons.. so we went to make lor..

Then we went to queue for lucky draw.. we both hoped to win the fish eye lens... And Ace actually realized tat one of the balls is for the fish eye lens and used his eye power to get the ball instead of luck  ;) aahahahaha

 Very hot wor.. so when I saw there is air conditioned exhibition area, I decided to head there first... Best decision of our life!:)

 So we walked around.. looked at all the exhibits and asked the people there some questions.

 Ace said he wanted to try this suit they put on when the police go out for mission to fight riots.. this is not even full suit but Ace says already very heavy!

 His fav... spent most time there...

 Talked to the guys at the immigration counter and talked about the various tools they use...  to screen the cars entering singapore.. i do feel safer knowing they are doing so much:)

 Then we saw another tent.. went inside to watch some movie but end up is some sort of boh liao advertisement... but dun care, sit there and blow aircon:)

Hey, this officer looks quite chio sia! Lol...

 Then finally met Lele and cos so hot, I suggested the aircon place again.. and Ace went round 2 with Lele again.. visited the same boothes.. diff pple there now and he asked qns again.. dunno is same qn or not:) hahahahaha

 Ace says this is super heavy!:)

 At this point there was a TODAY photog who came to take their photos... But alas their photos did not make it online or on Today's FB

 I wonder 2 years down the road when Ace is 14, will he still wanna go to this show? I think everytime is look at the same thing leh:) hahahaha

 I think it is a "boy's thing" to wanna hold a gun or a fire hose :)

 Ace saw the CID bus and wanted to take photo but alas not open to public wor.. see and take pic onli..

 Goofing around with his fireman's hat on our way home..

Oh, when we were waiting for bus, saw this teenage guy with shoes with lights.. I tot only 3 year olds enjoyed these type of shoes... LOL

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